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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
Харуулах 15 22 44 Бүгд

    Vala Толь

    525,900 ₮
    Whether you’re getting ready for work or a night out on the town, it helps to have easy access to your favorite clothing and accessories and of course, a full-length...
    Prisma Толь, хананы

    Prisma Толь, хананы

    299,900 ₮
    The Prisma Mirror is a contemporary, geometric mirror that can be hung vertically, horizontally, or even used as a large vanity tray on a tabletop. In addition to its mirrored...

    See Me Толь, тавиуртай

    75,900 ₮
    1x/5x magnifying mirrors For bathroom, vanity, bedroom, or anywhere a bright, clear, magnified image is needed Measures: 19.1 x 15.9 x 31.1 cm

    Hubba Толь

    449,900 ₮
    The Hubba mirror draws attention with its large size, thanks to which it reflects a lot of light and wonderfully illuminates the room. The light metal frame gives it a subtle look...

    Hub Хананы толь

    399,900 ₮
    LARGE, ROUND MIRROR: Hub is a 93.9 cm diameter mirror, with contemporary rubber frame that looks great in any room DECORATIVE RUBBER FRAME: Hub’s innovative rubber frame not only adds...
    Hub Толь, өлгүүртэй

    Hub Толь, өлгүүртэй

    75,900 ₮
    This 2-in-1 mirror and hook makes a simplistic and modern statement on your wall while providing versatile functionality. Made of solid wood, Hub Mirror Hook is an easy to use...

    Flex Толь

    39,900 ₮
    The Flex Shower Mirror by Umbra maximizes even the most compact spaces with a simple rubber strap Mirror hangs comfortably from a shower head, shower caddy or shower rod Comes...

    Hub Босоо толь

    529,900 ₮
    Multifunctional Storage Ladder & Mirror: Umbra Hub Floor Mirror is creatively designed to function as a standing floor mirror and an organizational ladder that you can hang clothes and other belongings...

    Dima Толь, хананы, дугуй

    139,900 ₮
    Through an unexpected use of hardware and materials, this trio of interchangeable mirrors is bound to make an impact on your walls. These round mirrors can be hung separately or...

    Dima Толь

    139,900 ₮
    Add a decortaive touch to your home with this mirroir by Umbrа. This product features a robust construction and contemporary design. Ideal for entry ways, bedrooms and bathrooms.
    Décor Толь

    Décor Толь

    275,900 ₮
    Mirror with wooden frame. Comes with integrated fittings, to be mounted between two standards. Safety film on backside of the mirror. Supplement with other Décor range for a complete and...

    Cubiko Ванны толь, органайзер

    225,900 ₮
    A mirror designed to make the most of small space living. Tucked behind the profile of the mirror are three shelves for hidden storage. A versatile product for storing accessories,...

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    Шинэ бүтээгдэхүүн, сонирхолтой DIY хичээлүүд, хямдралыг та хамгийн эхэнд мэдэх болно!

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