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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
Харуулах 15 22 44 Бүгд

    Toto Хайрцаг

    89,900 ₮
    Inspired by the ease-of-use and multifunctional characteristics of the classic toolbox, Toto is a multi-compartment caddy great for holding a variety of items from makeup brushes to stationary and includes...
    Tesora Асесуарын тавиур

    Tesora Асесуарын тавиур

    99,900 ₮
    Keep your jewlery organized with this accessory box by Umbra. This product features a robust construction and contemporary design. Ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Made of concrete and plated zinc...

    Trigg Cав

    155,900 ₮
    Made of a ceramic body in a fresh white, with a brass wire frame, this decorative vessel comes in a set of two and can be configured to suit any...
    Poise Органайзер, давхар

    Poise Органайзер, давхар

    65,900 ₮
    Composed of 2 round trays of different sizes in gilded metal, the brand plays balances by proposing a storage system with 2 levels. Its main cup with its diameter of 20.3 cm...
    Tesora Аксесуарын өлгүүр/тавиур

    Tesora Аксесуарын өлгүүр/тавиур

    99,900 ₮
    Modernity marked the Tesora jewelry stand by Umbra is the perfect item to hang and store all your jewelry! Its round concrete base is raised by three small curved bars put upward a visual effect very interesting with their different levels. These allow you to hang and organize your jewelry easily.Its both contemporary and minimalist design combines the finesse of the metal and the raw appearance of...

    Prisma Аксесуарын өлгүүр/тавиур

    79,900 ₮
    With Prisma Jewelry Stand metal wire with a modern matte brass finish has been shaped into a narrow pyramid shape and has spokes on the top, intended to hang jewelry...

    Prisma Aксесуарын тавиур

    59,900 ₮
    Prisma Jewelry Tray is a stylish, ultra-modern spin on a traditional jewelry tray, displaying contents from all angles, through its open sides. Prisma’s matte brass-plated geometric wiring and sand-colored linen...

    Valerina Аксесуарын органайзер

    145,900 ₮
    Valerina is a high-capacity accessory organizer that keeps a small footprint while making use of the often underutilized vertical square footage on your ¬walls and closet doors. This high-capacity storage...

    Аксесуарын хувин-сав

    6,900 ₮
    Solid box for storage of small items such as craft and office supplies, hardware. Designed to fit on the Storing board. Can be combined with other accessories such as Label...

    Аксесуарын тавиурын таг

    52,900 ₮
    Lid for accessory tray allows closed storage and protects against dirt and dust. One lid covers half the tray surface. Décor knob with leather pull included.Дагалдах хэрэгслийн тавиур нь тагийг...

    Аксесуарын тавиур хуваагч

    39,900 ₮
    Divider for Décor accessory tray. Allows small items to be organised such as jewellery and gives a good overview. One divider covers half the tray surface. Available in different versions.Décor...

    Terrace Аксесуарын шургуулга

    119,900 ₮
    Sliding jewellery tray gives users easy access to accessories. Made of high quality Paulownia wood. Individual dividers keep rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces separate to optimise organisation. Each compartment is...
    Stowit Аксесуарын органайзер/хайрцаг
    Xар хүрэн

    Stowit Аксесуарын органайзер/хайрцаг

    189,900 ₮
    Multiple hidden compartments of various sizes allow you to store your rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces and other accessories in different configurations depending on what works best for you. Each...

    Reflexion Аксесуарын органайзер/хайрцаг

    119,900 ₮
    MODERN DESIGN: Constructed using sleek stamped metal and rustic natural wood, Reflexion has a clean design. The inside layer of light gray padding both protects your items and complements the...

    Pillar Аксесуарын тавиур

    99,900 ₮
    The warm combination of walnut wood and black metal make this jewelry stand a beautiful addition to any space. Designed to comfortably accommodate various types and sizes of jewelry, Pillar...

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