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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
Харуулах 15 22 44 Бүгд

    Stick Дугуй хутга/хэрчигч 45мм

    49,900 ₮
    To cut smoothly, precisely and easily through multi-layers. You get ultra-close to the ruler avoiding fabrics from slipping. Straight and rounded handle. Button to lock and unlock the blade guard....

    SingleStep Мод, бутны Basic хайч HS22

    80,750 ₮
    Fiskars SingleStep™ Hedge Shear Wavy Blade is a great addition to anybody's tool shed when hedge trimming is the question. These garden shears incorporate comfortable and sturdy handles of glass...

    ShapeCutter мат (23x30см/A4)

    29,100 ₮
    Suitable for use with the ShapeCutter™ Plus as well as with craft knives. Self healing on front. Alignment grid to help positioning material.

    Дугуй хутга/хэрчигч (45мм/титан)

    69,900 ₮
    To cut smoothly, precisely and easily through multi-layers. Softgrip® handle for greater comfort and control Titanium carbide coated blade for extra cutting capacity and durability Use the orange button to...

    Royal Тогоочын хутга 21см Premium

    189,900 ₮
    Royal knives guarantee the best possible cutting performance. Award winning design with barrel grinded blade. Large and general purpose Royal Cook’s knife has a strong blade. It is ideal for...

    Sewsharp Хайч ирлэгч

    12,550 ₮
    To restore scissors to a precise cutting edge. The ceramic rod restores the cutting and precision of scissors. Works with both left- and right-handed scissors.

    Royal Тогоочын хутга 15см Premium

    159,900 ₮
    Comfortable and safe to hold thanks to ergonomically shaped handle (length: 15 cm) made of high-quality synthetic material

    Аяны сүх X5

    125,900 ₮
    For kindling small wood for a campfire A small, light axe that can be easily carried in your bag or on your belt Excellent and very versatile tool to replace larger knife...

    Бяслагны хутга (зөөлөн бяслагны)

    29,650 ₮
    Hand-held cheese slicer for cutting young and soft cheese like Gouda, Cheddar or Edam Perfectly and evenly cut cheese slices in one piece thanks to sharp blade made of stainless...

    Xact хүрз L

    135,100 ₮
    Round-edge spade (Length: total: 120 cm (48")) for digging in soft, loose soil, Also suitable for removing grass and cutting roots, Size L recommended for users whose height is 175-195...

    Эсгий дусал x4

    20,200 ₮
    Fiskars herb holders are designed to incorporate the capillary mat and to then be inserted into the Fiskars KitchenGarden™growing tray. The herb holders, which are made of polypropylene and are...

    Манай цахим мэдээнд бүртгүүлээрэй!

    Шинэ бүтээгдэхүүн, сонирхолтой DIY хичээлүүд, хямдралыг та хамгийн эхэнд мэдэх болно!

    Манай цахим хуудасны Нууцлалын баталгаа-ны дагуу ашиглагдах болно

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