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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
Харуулах 15 22 44 Бүгд

    Шүүгээ хамгаалагч

    9,500 ₮
    To protect young explorers from dangerous discoveries is that the contents of the cupboards at home is not accessible to them Locking of Reer will secure your home in seconds...

    Шургуулга хамгаалагч

    16,800 ₮
    World first: The first drawer Sicheru with unique assembly aid Easy to Anbringun Gin only 60 seconds Fix No Measuring or signs Provides precision attachment for extra safety Integrated clamping protection – prevents...

    Хаалга, цонхноос хуруу хамгаалагч (2ш)

    17,900 ₮
    The Reer Finger Guards for Doors & Windows 2pcs (7207) helps to eliminate the risk of open doors or windows accidentally slamming on a child's fingers. Simply hang the device...

    Тавилганы булан хамгаалагч, цагаан

    9,950 ₮
    The Reer Adhesive Cabinet & Drawer Safety Catch (7307) is easy to install, stick on cabinet or drawer lock to secure them from opening by young children. This Reer safety...

    Розетка хамгаалагч

    12,900 ₮
    Seals sockets safety and reliably Childproof: removal only possible using an additional socket cover Reusable: ideal for when out and about or in rental apartements Colours can also be setindividually...

    Гал тогооны шvvгээ хамгаалагч

    9,900 ₮
    The Reer Cabinet Lock for Double Doors with Handles, White is a simple & versatile solution for double cabinet or fridge doors with door knobs or handles. It easy latches...

    Булан хамгаалагч (шилэн ширээ)

    14,900 ₮
    The Reer Clear Corner Protector helps protect babies & toddlers from the risk of serious injuries when they knock or fall on a hard corner. This corner guard is designed...

    Булан хамгаалагч

    26,750 ₮
    The Reer Edge & Corner Guard, White helps protect babies & toddlers from the risk of serious injuries when they knock or fall on a hard edge or sharp corner....

    WinLock Цонхны бариул хамгаалагч, цагаан

    32,500 ₮
    REER WinLock Fenster-u. Balkontürsicherung weiß protects against fatal falls - closes easy installation without drilling or Kleben- Residue-free removal childproof window and Balkontüren- suitable for most commercial windows and balcony...

    Sleep'n'Keep Орны хамгаалагч (100см)

    105,900 ₮
    The Sleep'n Keep Extra Tall Bed Rail 50 x 100cm is designed to prevent sleeping children (18 months to 5 years old) from rolling off their beds.  Product Highlights Extra...

    DesignLine Электрон бараа хамгаалагч

    22,950 ₮
    The Reer DesignLine Electrical Appliance Locks, Anthracite (78011) is easy to install, stick on catch lock for electrical appliances. It can also be used on single cabinet doors and drawers....

    DesignLine Олон үйлдэлт хамгаалагч

    25,100 ₮
    The Reer DesignLine Multi-Purpose Childproof Lock, Taupe is versatile multi-functional child-proof locking solution many applications including drawers, single and double cabinet doors, microwave oven doors, refrigerator doors & even washing...

    Манай цахим мэдээнд бүртгүүлээрэй!

    Шинэ бүтээгдэхүүн, сонирхолтой DIY хичээлүүд, хямдралыг та хамгийн эхэнд мэдэх болно!

    Манай цахим хуудасны Нууцлалын баталгаа-ны дагуу ашиглагдах болно

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