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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
Харуулах 15 22 44 Бүгд

    Эсгий дусал x4

    23,900 ₮
    Fiskars herb holders are designed to incorporate the capillary mat and to then be inserted into the Fiskars KitchenGarden™growing tray. The herb holders, which are made of polypropylene and are...

    Универсал шүүр L 48см

    99,900 ₮
    Large all-purpose yard broom for cleaning pavements, patios and other garden areas Perfect for large areas, for example, driveways and garages Offers a clean sweep of all garden leaves and...

    Xact хүрз М

    163,900 ₮
    Fiskars Xact Edging and Planting Spade is a medium sized version of this eminent tool to ergonomically fit smaller users. This tool with its extra strong sharp blade is the perfect...

    Xact хүрз L

    163,900 ₮
    Round-edge spade (Length: total: 120 cm (48")) for digging in soft, loose soil, Also suitable for removing grass and cutting roots, Size L recommended for users whose height is 175-195...

    StaySharp Plus Хадуур

    949,900 ₮
    Manual lawn mower for a clean and precise cut in the garden, Quiet and therefore ideal for mowing on Sundays and public holidays

    StaySharp Max Хадуур

    1,122,900 ₮
    Fiskars StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower offers best in class cutting performance for a superior mowing experience. Mowing the lawn becomes child's play thanks to the StaySharp™ cutting system which cuts...

    Solid Цэцэрлэгжүүэлтийн тармуур

    25,900 ₮
    Fiskars Planter's Hoe is a useful longer nursery tool with a dual head which is ideal for multiple planting and weeding tasks. Its longer shaft allows you to reach into...

    Solid Цэцэрлэгжүүлэлтийн сэрээ (зэрлэг түүгч)

    15,900 ₮
    Fiskars Weed Fork is ideal for planting and weeding whilst protecting roots. Its FiberComp™ construction makes the tool extremely lightweight but strong and the material construction means that the prongs...

    Solid Цэцэрлэгжүүлэлтийн культиватор

    15,900 ₮
    Fiskars Cultivator is the right nursery tool for aerating and loosening soil, doing planting and preparing the soil. Like the other standard Fiskars cultivating tools, this tool is made from...

    Solid хүрз S

    15,900 ₮
    Fiskars Transplanter is the perfect garden hand tool for planting and weeding, particularly so when you need a tool for use in narrow bed layouts and on balconies. The overall...

    Solid хүрз L

    15,900 ₮
    Fiskars Trowel is a solid nursery tool in the classic style of Fiskars design. Its construction makes it ideal for planting and transplanting in flower beds and other narrow spaces....

    Solid хүрз

    94,900 ₮
    For moving sand, earth, gravel or construction materials you need a solid shovel and this tool with its rigid build and broad scoop will make light work of shovelling. With...

    Манай цахим мэдээнд бүртгүүлээрэй!

    Шинэ бүтээгдэхүүн, сонирхолтой DIY хичээлүүд, хямдралыг та хамгийн эхэнд мэдэх болно!

    Манай цахим хуудасны Нууцлалын баталгаа-ны дагуу ашиглагдах болно

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