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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
Харуулах 15 22 44 Бүгд

    Keter Jolly Шкаф

    499,900 ₮
    Урт: 68 смӨргөн: 39 смӨндөр: 166 смДаац: 150 кг

    Keter Moby Шкаф

    799,900 ₮
    Урт: 80 смӨргөн: 44 смӨндөр: 182 смДаац: 150 кг

    ShoeDry Гутлын тавиур

    45,900 ₮
    FOAM MAT PLUS RACK: The foam mat quickly absorbs water - with no pooling water like conventional rubber shoe trays – while the molded rack keeps shoes elevated, allowing air...

    Shoe Sling Гутлын тавиур

    125,900 ₮
    STACKABLE SHOE RACK: Despite its small footprint, this two-tier shoe rack holds 18 pairs of shoes and each rack contains two rows of pockets ADJUSTABLE AND VERSATILE: The width of...

    Imelda Гутлын тавиур

    119,900 ₮
    This shoe rack has a lightweight, stackable metal frame with breathable mesh shelves, so it's easy to use in multiples and assemble it just where it's needed. 41 x 86...
    Pillar Сандал/Өлгүүр

    Loop Номын ширээ

    135,900 ₮
    Umbra is about original design, making everyday things beautiful and functional. 36 years worth of innovation, of finding simple, thoughtful solutions that respond to everyday challenges, and providing pleasure from...

    Oh Сандал

    179,900 ₮
    This comfy and stylish chair measures 61 x 86.4 x 61 cm and has steel powder-coated legs that match the color of the seat.

    Woodrow Сандал/сав

    369,900 ₮
    Woodrow's removable lid functions as both a tabletop or a seat, and its integrated handles make it easy to move around the house. This piece measures 42 x 40 cm so it...

    Promenade Урт сандал

    669,900 ₮
    Storage underneath for shoes and other items. Holds up to 4 pairs of shoes. Easy to assemble. Great for small spaces. Decorative and functional bench holds up to 115kg.

    Манай цахим мэдээнд бүртгүүлээрэй!

    Шинэ бүтээгдэхүүн, сонирхолтой DIY хичээлүүд, хямдралыг та хамгийн эхэнд мэдэх болно!

    Манай цахим хуудасны Нууцлалын баталгаа-ны дагуу ашиглагдах болно

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