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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
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Buddy Цонх цэвэрлэгч

29,900 ₮
With a flexible and easy to clean silicone blade designed to clean, without leaving behind streaks, buddy is a practical item for maintaining your shower’s sparkle; it helps remove soap...
Touch Суултуур угаагч щётка

Flex Gel-Lock Алчуурны өлгүүр

59,900 ₮
Utilizing sure-lock technology which works on smooth, flat surfaces, including tile, glass, mirrored or melamine, this elegant towel bar creates a vacuum seal grip to your chosen smooth surface for...
SinkBase Цэвэрлэгээний сав

SinkBase Цэвэрлэгээний сав

55,900 ₮
Easy-Press soap pump suitable for all liquid soaps and lotions Slim line sink caddy for storing brushes and sponges Dismantles for easy cleaning Space-Saving

Presto Савангийн сав

45,900 ₮
Large easy-push stainless steel pump head Push with wrist when hands are messy Transparent window for checking fill level Non-slip base Suitable for all types of liquid hand soap; Capacity:...
C-Pump Шингэн саван шахагч

C-Pump Шингэн саван шахагч

45,900 ₮
Soap dispenser which can be operated with the back of one hand Non-slip base with soap level indicator Suitable for all types of liquid hand soap Specially designed to keep...

Surface Савангийн сав

69,900 ₮
Large easy-push pump head. Internal fill-level line. Removable stainless-steel soap bar helps remove strong odors from Hands Drip-catching base plate. BPA free Fingerprint-proof stainless-steel coating and non slip feet Dismantles...

Step Шүдний сойзны сав

19,900 ₮
Step is made of the highly durable material melamine, meaning it is less likely to break in busy washrooms and kitchens. This modern and sleek toothbrush holder will hold your...

Starfish үс шүүгч, 2ш

29,900 ₮
Use this playful yet functional design for any bathtub or shower in your home. This Starfish-shaped hair catcher uses each arm of the starfish to hold the cover in place...

Slim Compact Савангийн тавиур

29,900 ₮
Unique, sloping design saves space Holds a full-size soap bar in less space Clever angled base allows soap to drain Dismantles for easy cleaning Ventilated for quick drying

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