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    CounterStore Органайзер, ганбанзтай

    CounterStore Органайзер, ганбанзтай

    155,900 ₮
    This ingenious CounterStore Kitchen Worktop Organiser from Joseph Joseph keeps all your essential utensils, gadgets and knives together in one place. It includes a non-slip chopping board and a non-scratch...
    Cut&Carve+ Тосгуур 2 талт

    Cut&Carve+ Тосгуур 2 талт

    59,900 ₮
     Its angled cutting surface is designed to assist in the collection and drainage of liquids or food and it has a new improved integral meat grip on one side of...

    Cut&Carve Тосгуур 2 талт

    139,900 ₮
    Angled cutting surface catches meat juices and bread crumbs Central food grip for holding meat, vegetables or bread whilst cutting Tough bamboo cutting surface Easy-pour corners Handles for transferring from...

    Талхны сав/ганбанзтай

    129,900 ₮
    Made from tough, powder-coated steel, this bread bin is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The intelligent design features an easy-lift handle and crumb-catching grooves on the durable bamboo cutting...
    Worktop Saver Шилэн ганбанз

    Worktop Saver Шилэн ганбанз

    73,900 ₮
    These multi-function boards provide a surface for all types of food preparation and presentation. They can be used to protect tables and countertops from scratches and burn marks. Made from...

    Index Ухаалаг ганбанз, хулсан x3

    269,900 ₮
    Set of 3 cutting boards and a storage stand Designed to prevent cross-contamination of different food types Illustrated, index-style tabs on boards indicate which food type they should be used...

    Nest Ухаалаг ганбанз x3, том

    149,900 ₮
    Organized, space-saving storage stand allows easy access to cutting boards Color-coded cutting boards with non-slip feet in 3 different sizes Knife-friendly, textured cutting surfaces Cutting board stand holds boards apart...
    Slice&Sharpen Ганбанз/хутга ирлэгчтэй

    Slice&Sharpen Ганбанз/хутга ирлэгчтэй

    43,900 ₮
    Conveniently sharpen knives just before use Durable ceramic sharpener suitable for all types of stainless steel blade (not suitable for serrated or ceramic blades) Knife friendly cutting surface Non-slip edges...

    Index Ухаалаг ганбанз x4

    245,900 ₮
    Set of 4 plastic color-coded cutting boards with a plastic storage case. Designed to prevent cross-contamination of different food types. Index-style tabs on boards indicate which food type they should...

    Index Advance Ганбанз/Хутгатай

    299,900 ₮
    Set of 4 plastic color-coded cutting boards with a plastic storage case and 4 coordinating knives. Designed to prevent cross-contamination of different food types. Index-style tabs on boards and color...
    Chop2Pot+ Ганбанз нугалардаг
    Цайвар ногоон
    Цайвар цэнхэр

    Chop2Pot+ Ганбанз нугалардаг

    70,900 ₮
    Enjoy mess-free cooking with the award-winning Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Plus Large Chopping Board. Simply designed, the chopping board provides a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface for all types of cooking preparation....

    Chop2Pot Ганбанз, нугалардаг

    45,900 ₮
    Award-winning folding chopping board, available in a variety of sizes and colors Provides a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface When the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up...

    Chop&Drain Ганбанз, шүүгчтэй

    35,900 ₮
    Integrated colander for easy washing/draining of food Crumb-catching edges Easy-grip end and non-slip feet Hanging hole Dishwasher safe Care and Use: Please note, like all plastic chopping boards, the knife...

    Breadbins Талхны сав/ганбанзтай

    129,900 ₮
    Reversible bamboo cutting board lid with practical crumb-catching grooves Non stick base Hand wash only. Do not soak lid For storing dry foods only. Oil bamboo regularly with a food-safe...

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