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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
Харуулах 15 22 44 Бүгд

    Décor Шургуулганы хүрээ - нүүртэй

    145,900 ₮
    Gliding frame partly in solid wood. For mounting Décor drawer front. To be complemented with Décor knob and applicable Wire or Mesh drawers.Хажуугийн хэсэг нь хатуу модонд наалддаг. Décor шүүгээний...

    Décor Тогтоогч хавчаар - налуу тавиурны

    9,900 ₮
    Clips to be used to mount Décor fascia on Angled shelf metal. Comes in a 8-pack, sufficient for 4 shelves. 2 clips needed to mount one fascia on one shelf.Өнгөт...

    Décor Аксесуарын тавиур - богино

    125,900 ₮
    Accessory shelf with framework in solid wood. To keep your jewelry, small accessories and perfumes right in reach. Comes with integrated fittings, to be mounted between two standards. A perfect...

    Décor Fascia Хөмсөг

    41,900 ₮
    Decorative wooden trim. Attach to the front edge of the Wire shelf or mount on Angled shelf metal using Décor clips for angled shelf metal. Supplement with other Décor range...

    Décor Тавцан - тавиур

    129,900 ₮
    Shelf with smooth veneer surface and refined design. Easily clicks in place between two Bracket click-ins, no tools needed. Supplement with Bracket click-in to a suitable depth. Available in different...

    Аксесуарын тавиурын таг

    52,900 ₮
    Lid for accessory tray allows closed storage and protects against dirt and dust. One lid covers half the tray surface. Décor knob with leather pull included.Дагалдах хэрэгслийн тавиур нь тагийг...

    Аксесуарын тавиур хуваагч

    39,900 ₮
    Divider for Décor accessory tray. Allows small items to be organised such as jewellery and gives a good overview. One divider covers half the tray surface. Available in different versions.Décor...

    Décor Аксесуарын тавиур

    155,900 ₮
    Gliding accessory tray with framework in solid wood. Preferably supplemented with 8 and/or 24 section dividers and lid, for easy access and organisation of small items such as jewellery. Mounted...

    Décor Өлгүүр - x5 дэгээтэй

    69,900 ₮
    Hook rack in solid wood with 5 hooks, for easy access and flexible hanging of belts, ties, scarves, robes or jackets. Mounted on the side of a Bracket click-in 40.Туузан,...

    Décor Өмдний өлгүүр (x10 дэгээтэй) - замтай

    225,900 ₮
    Gliding pant rack with parts in solid wood for storing pants. Creates a good overview and easy access. With non-slip rings to keep pants in place. Easily clicks in place...

    Décor Шургуулганы хүрээ - дан

    145,900 ₮
    Gliding frame in wood. Suitable for Décor accessory tray and Wire and Mesh drawers. Easily clicks in place between two Bracket click-ins, no tools needed. Supplement with Bracket click-in 40.Модонд...

    Хувцас хатаагч тавиур-өлгүүр

    109,900 ₮
    Drying shelf suitable for hanging washing. Can be folded down to free up space when not in use. Integrated brackets that hooks into standards. Available in different sizes.Хатаах тавиур нь...

    Хувцасны өлгүүрний зам

    35,900 ₮
    Rod for hanging clothes on display or where depth of the space is limited, since the hangers are placed behind each other. Clicks into place under Wire shelf or Wire...

    Зангиа, бүсний өлгүүр

    115,900 ₮
    Extendable tie and belt rack with hooks, creating space efficient overview and organisation of accessories, such as ties, belts, and scarves. Installed underneath a Wire shelf or Wire shelf basket.Зангиа,...

    Таглаа, хувцасны өлгүүрний хоолойны

    7,900 ₮
    Caps to be placed at the end of a Closet rod to create a clean look. Comes in a 2-pack.Цэвэрхэн харагдах байдлыг бий болгохын тулд шүүгээний савааны төгсгөлд байрлуулна. 2...

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