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Xажуугийн самбар харуулах
Харуулах 15 22 44 Бүгд

    Xsharp Хутга, сүх ирлэгч

    54,700 ₮
    Wood preparation requires that you have the sharpest tools for making the cut. If you chop a lot of wood, it's only a matter of time that your blades will...

    Norden Махны хутга 20см Premium

    369,900 ₮
    Straight, long blade with fine cutting edge ideal for carving roasts High-performing German steel Handle from Finnish heat treated birchwood Blade hardness HRC 56 Hand washing recommended Made in Finland...

    Hard Face Вок хайруулын таваг 28см/4,5л

    239,350 ₮
    Aluminum wok for tough use. The most durable Hardtec Superior+™ coating. PFOA and PFAS free. Bakelite handle that stays cool and ensure a good grip when cooking. The Energy base...

    CupboardStore 1300мл Xүнс хадгалах сав, x3

    139,900 ₮
    Unique design utilizes unused space beneath the shelf Set includes 3 x 1. 3 qt (1. 3-litre) containers plus storage rail Can be mounted inside or beneath cupboards Airtight lids...

    CupboardStore 900мл Xүнс хадгалах сав, x3

    109,900 ₮
    Unique design utilizes unused space beneath the shelf Set includes 3 x 0. 9 qt (900 ml) containers plus storage rail Can be mounted inside or beneath cupboards Airtight lids...

    GoAvocado Авокадо цэвэрлэгч/зүсэгч

    35,900 ₮
    Cuts, de-stones, and slices the avocado all with one tool Versatile slice & scoop head Stainless-steel pitter to safely remove stone Folding plastic blade for safe storage Ergonomic, soft-grip handle...

    Helix Сармис нухагч

    69,900 ₮
    Most garlic presses require strong hands to operate and their vertical squeezing action can often be awkward to use. With the helix garlic press, the squeezing force is applied horizontally,...

    Helix Төмс нухагч

    89,900 ₮
    Horrizontal twisting mechanism to multiply force. Can be separated for easy cleaning. Ergonomically degisned

    Helix Цитрус шахагч

    75,900 ₮
    Unique twisting action makes juicing easier Suitable for squeezing lemons and limes Durable stainless-steel and nylon construction Easy-clean 2-piece design. Dishwasher safe. BPA free and food-safe

    Тогоочийн япон хутга (17см)

    76,150 ₮
    This Asian style knife has a broad blade that makes it a good all-round knife for preparing meat, fish and also vegetables. 17 cm 104 g Stainless steel Hardness: HRC...

    Тогоочын хутга (20см/том)

    76,150 ₮
    This large knife has a broad, strong blade, which makes it a great all-round knife for cutting meat, chopping vegetables and mincing herbs. 20 cm 98 g Stainless steel Hardness:...

    Салатны хавчаар/халбага

    29,900 ₮
    Prepare and serve salads with Fiskars Functional Form salad tongs, or click them apart to use as salad spoons.

    Пастаны халбага

    19,900 ₮
    Perfect for serving spaghetti, noodles, and fettuccine The hole in the spoon can be used to measure 1 portion of spaghetti.

    Махны/Хүнсний хайч (25см)

    116,600 ₮
    Strong shears for skinning, cutting and finishing poultry and game. Curved, profiled blades make cutting easier and feature groove for cutting bones. Soft-grip handles well-suited for both right- and left-handed...

    Маслоны хутга

    39,550 ₮
    Ideal for spreading butter or soft cheeses. 9 cm 42 g Stainless steel Hardness: HRC 53 Softgrip®-surface Dishwasher safe

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